How I’m Reading Academic Journal

Somebody said to me before

You haven’t got your reading done unless your supervisor told you so.

I agree with that argument. Looking to the past, I’ve read more than 2,000 journals/paper (sure, it is 36 months of reading), but my supervisor didn’t stop me. Maybe he not satisfied with my findings, or he lost too. If he lost, resulted, you can’t graduate, even he can’t defend you when viva session. Seriously, if you face this problem, try to consult him in a good way to find the ultimate solution. Sometimes, faculty will assign another supervisor acting as mentor. In the worst case, they change the supervise power to another person.

Continue with Reading Academic Journal.

I’m trying several ways to read. You named it. Highlighting, stick on notes, ledger book, and several more (I forgot). This method is good if you don’t lose it, but I’m : the messy researcher, failed to follow. Worst case, when I read back, I didn’t know what I’m writing about (YY). Then somebody comes (from heaven maybe), and said, you should do this to ease your work.

How she saved me?

In word processing software you make 3 columns as below.


In your own word fill each section.

Proposejot down what the paper (researcher) talking about

Pointsnote down the related issues/fact match your interest/research

Remarkscriticized the journal (really help in writing Literature Review)

The beginning of each section is your reference to that paper. In my cases, I’m using APA format. Query your supervisor, which format you should follow.

I just send this every day to my future supervisor (PhD) to show what I am doing. Normally, I read 5 to 8 journals per day. Even you could enclose it with your semester progress report (since in first semester, nobody has finished up their Literature Review chapter unless he is Einstein).

This is my way of reading to ease me later.

How about yours? I’m loved to hear it 🙂


The more you dig in your knowledge area, the more you become dumb. Seriously!

Slo-Mo on Starting

PhD Motivational Chart

Honestly, after my Master Degree, i kept thinking to continue my studies directly. It is good, since I got a lot of info (experiences) regarding how to do research. My Master research isn’t going well as planned.

Seriously it took 5 years (OMG) to complete it. What am I doing in that 5 years?

1st year : Reading paper. Drown in knowledge. Blurry.

2nd year : Reading paper. High fever due to hi-pressure. Proposal defense – Nearly fail.

3rd year : Still reading the paper (OMG again). At the end of that year, i just got the idea. TT.

4th year : Programming all day long. At this time, my weight loss about 20 kilos.

5th year : Viva with Major correction (for sure, 1 year job)

Honestly if I had a reading skill + support, I could do in 1 year only.

Now, PhD. Started reading carefully.  So far > 100 quality journal related to my studies – read + noted down. The fact : I will start my PhD studies in December 2013.

I don’t want any extension of my studies later. NEVER!.