Slo-Mo on Starting

PhD Motivational Chart

Honestly, after my Master Degree, i kept thinking to continue my studies directly. It is good, since I got a lot of info (experiences) regarding how to do research. My Master research isn’t going well as planned.

Seriously it took 5 years (OMG) to complete it. What am I doing in that 5 years?

1st year : Reading paper. Drown in knowledge. Blurry.

2nd year : Reading paper. High fever due to hi-pressure. Proposal defense – Nearly fail.

3rd year : Still reading the paper (OMG again). At the end of that year, i just got the idea. TT.

4th year : Programming all day long. At this time, my weight loss about 20 kilos.

5th year : Viva with Major correction (for sure, 1 year job)

Honestly if I had a reading skill + support, I could do in 1 year only.

Now, PhD. Started reading carefully.  So far > 100 quality journal related to my studies – read + noted down. The fact : I will start my PhD studies in December 2013.

I don’t want any extension of my studies later. NEVER!.